Heads of Household, Kirk members, 1834

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Whitsome lists

List of male heads of families in the Parish of Whitsome in Communion with the Church 1834.

John Allan Whitsome
John Allan Laws
William Anderson Longridge
Thomas Balmer Hilton
James Barup Hilton
Henry Bell Wynnefield
Robert Bowmaker Dykegatehead
Thomas Brown Whitsome
Peter Chirnside Dykegatehead
John Chisolm Eaglehall
David Cockburn Dykegatehead
John Clay Dykegatehead
Alexander Cockburn  Whitsome
Andrew Common Moor House
Peter Cowe Jardinefield
James Cowe Hilton
Alexander Cowe Whitsome
Robert Cowe Whitsome
Andrew Davison Whitsome
Alexander Dippie Whitsome
James Donaldson Whitsome
George Ford Whitsome
John Gibson Whitsome
Thomas Gibson Whitsome
George Gibson Dykegatehead
Peter Hume Whitsome
Andrew Inglis Old Newton
George Inglis Ravelaw
John Johnson Frenchlaw
James Laidlaw Hilton
Ebenezer Lindsay Hilton
Thomas Logan Laws
George Lorraine Whitsome
Thomas Lyall Old Newton
Thomas Mabon Dykegatehead
Andrew Middlemiss  Whitsome
Alexander Neilans New Newton
George Paterson Laws

George Paxton Jardinefield
John Porter Laws
James Pringle Whitsome Hill
James Purvis Whitsome
Joseph Purvis Whitsome
John Richardson Whitsome Hill
John Robison Whitsome Hill
Thomas Roger Whitsome
Thomas Russell Longridge
George Scott Whitsome
James Sharp Whitsome Hill
William Shirlaw Whitsome
John Simpson New Newton
James Simpson New Newton
William Smith Whitsome
John Spense Frenchlaw
Archibald Spense Longridge
James Trotter Whitsome
Robert Veitch Jardinefield
Thomas Waddell Whitsome
Robert Walkingshaw  Laws Moor
William Watson Whitsome
John Weatherston Whitsome Hill
Alexander Wilson Longridge