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    Whitsome has two Kirkyards - the one currently in use near the Church, and a much older one, further away from the village where the original Church stood (right). There is nothing to be seen of the old Church now, except the vague outline of its footings in the grass. However, the mort house (below), built to protect the graves in the days of the "Resurrection Men" is still there.

  There are a number of  very fine memorial stones in the old Kirkyard, but many  are badly eroded or  have been otherwise damaged. All of the photos shown in this section were taken in 2005. However, if a stone is damaged, but I had a photo of  the same stone with less damage from a previous visit, the earlier photo can be seen by means of a hotlink included in the inscription box. Some of the pictures  have been manipulated to try and increase their legibility (and may therefore not be entirely true colours), and beauty of the images took second place to clarity.
   In some places, part of an inscription may be shown in italics.  This indicates that the information has come from another source (e.g. death certificate, the booklet produced by the Scottish Genealogy Society) where part of an inscription was illegible. Anything in square brackets [] is a comment from me.

  I have set this section up to simulate a visit to a particular grave. The rows are numbered taking the one closest to the entry to the burial ground as number one. In the index, each surname is followed by numbers referring to photos for that particular surname.  Selecting a number will take you to the appropriate row, and you will then need to scroll down the page, as though you are walking along the row, until you reach the appropriate stone.  If the second image is shown to the right of the text box, this is because there was an inscription on the back of the stone as well.

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Views of the burial ground